About us.

Next Generation Keepers is a soccer school specializing in private Goalkeeper training programs, International Camps and Clinics (Ontario and overseas), and providing goalkeeper programs for soccer clubs, academies, and associations. Our focus is the development of competitive youth programs from the ages of 7 to 18 years old.

We are currently operating all year round throughout the indoor and outdoor season in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide training for all Goalkeepers who are looking to develop their skills and looking to find a program entirely dedicated to this position; a position that is often underestimated in the yearly plan of many clubs and academies. With the use of a modern methodology of training reflected by many professional clubs throughout Europe and a qualified/experienced coaching staff, the Next Generation keepers has created an environment with a strong identity. This environment allows Goalkeepers to finally identify themselves with the right tools, knowledge and constant support to perform to the best of their ability. Our mission is to make sure that our Goalkeepers learn while also having fun. Happiness is the best motivation to reach success, especially in a position that demands high levels of pressure. Our sessions are designed to inspire each goalkeeper to always improve, by using specific drills that allow our keepers to constantly challenge themselves while always keeping a smile on their face. In training this way, the Goalkeepers are developing important aspects to further master for the position, while always enjoying themselves. Some of these aspects include coordination, motor skills, technique, confidence and decision making. The development of Goalkeeper technique is the key assessment of progression. Skills are important, yet to reach the next level in soccer, improving technical aspects comes first. This can be achieved through a constant, dedicated, relentless work ethic. A strong technique is the starting point to build around a Goalkeepers confidence, and allows for certain specialization at the position. The Next Generation Keepers are committed to supporting our student’s technically and psychologically from the beginning of each goalkeeper’s journey to the end. We believe that through sports, youth can learn to socialize, work in groups and gain valuable life experience by learning how to face different problems in many different situations. Ultimately, through a challenging position such as Goalkeeper, the NextGKschool would like to develop great goalkeepers and even better people.

Goalkeepers are always number one on and off the field!

How it started…

The Next Generation Keepers is a Goalkeeper School and organization of highly qualified Coaches who belong to the same training methodology and game philosophy. The School was initially founded in 2014 as a network where people, with great passion for the Goalkeeper Position, could find tools and techniques by discussing and learning everything about this great position. Slowly, the Next Generation Keepers became an important reference point for many Goalkeepers, Coaches and parents. With the growth of followers and demands, this reality turned into the Goalkeeper School that is known today, now with specialized Programs, camps and clinics dedicated entirely to this fantastic position.

What we do…

The Next Generation Keepers is currently providing Goalkeeper Programs for numerous clubs and Academies throughout Ontario, during both the indoor and outdoor season. NextGK also offers private programs and camps at all levels for keepers looking for extra training to improve their skill level, as well as a chance to earn a scholarship/compete in the higher levels of professional soccer. The NextGKschool has also expanded its reach worldwide with many connections and collaborations.  With our contacts and affiliations throughout Europe (the home of Soccer), we are committed to offering professional opportunities to all the players who are willing to meet the high requirements of Pro Soccer. Through uniquesport and cultural experiences, we offer the chance of growth and success overseas both as a goalkeeper and as a person.