NextGKschool at the Imparando Academy Christmas Camps in Italy

NextGK school is happy to announce that our Director Emanuele Ameltonis will be part of the ImparandoGKacademy Christmas Camps in Rome from December 27th to 30th. A new chapter of this unique collaboration between the two GK school, having an opportunity to work together and to learn one from the other, developing this ambitious project between Canada and Italy.

We have already offered to students from both school an incredible Sport/Cultural experience overseas in our past international events. All the Goalkeepers who would like to be part of this new adventure, visiting the Eternal City and training with PRO Italian Coaches and Keepers, are welcome to enjoy Mister Emanuele in his Journey. For more details, feel free to contact us at

CHRISTMAS EVENT & CAMP 27 EVENT 28-29 CAMP GROTTAFERRATA STADIUM in collaboration with Training sessions with Professional Goalkeeper Coaches
who are part of the S.S. Lazio Youth Programs

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