The evolution of Goalkeeper training.

The position on the field that has changed most from the past is the Goalkeeper. The speed of the game in general has drastically changed, thanks to modern methodologies of training, technologies, as well as modernized soccer balls and fields that have aided in increased player performance. The combination of changes in the modern game have put goalkeepers in a dangerous position if they are not well prepared. Without the implementation of new modern practice techniques for goalies, keepers risk a decrease in performance as well as an increase in injuries. For this reason it is crucial for goalies who wish to succeed and elevate their game, to train in specialized GK Programs, where the focus in training is on the development of goalkeeper techniques. But why is the technique so important?

In the past, the game was far more individualistic than it is today. Today the game is far more team oriented, which has resulted in a match played at a much faster tempo. In the past goalies with good body language and instincts were able to excel, without taking in consideration the technical training, that was ignored. Most goalies were only considered for their shot stopping abilities and training sessions were composed of repetitive drills, which caused the focus of the session to be on working hard and not working ‘right’.

With the arrival of the modern game and it’s changing elements, goalkeeper
sessions have begun to change. Coaches started to realize that working hard alone can no longer lead to success due to the increased tempo of the game, a good technique has become a necessity for keepers. Unlike the old, sessions must be designed to work on increasing the quality of the technique used by keepers to perform saves. Goalkeeper training is gradually changing to a more specialized
session, where the main focus is quality. The attention to minute details is now a priority for good development, since good technique is the only way to maximise skill. With the modern sessions provided by NextGKschool with all of these factors in mind, keepers in our school will be able to perform safely at a high level even at the high speeds in the modern game today.


Emanuele Ameltonis_NextGKschool Director