International partners.


The Next Generation Keepers and the Imparando Academy have started a unique collaboration between Canada and Italy, offering students from both Goalkeeper school an incredible Sport/Cultural experience overseas. The idea came out when the Directors of both schools, Mr. Emanuele Ameltonis of NextGKschool and Mr. Matteo Bonavolonta/Stefano Troiani (Imparando Academy) met for the first time at the Imparando Academy Christmas event 2015 in Rome, Italy. The key point of this successful and durable collaboration meant sharing the same training methodology and game philosophy, even if the two schools are thousands of miles apart.

Both academies are united due to the same view of the Goalkeeper World. Since the start of 2017, Emanuele and Matteo have been participating at some of the main events for both Goalkeeper school’s, having an opportunity to work together and to learn one from the other, developing this ambitious project.

So far we have offered some of our students the incredible opportunity to play soccer with coaches and goalkeepers coming from different cultures, having the possibility to visit a different country, while doing the thing they love the most in playing soccer! Life experience that is helping our goalkeepers open their mind to the World.